A Tale of Two Pickelhaubes...


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Today, I will share with everyone the importance of having as much reference material on our hobby as possible.

In one of my earlier Groupings posts I shared with the forum a DR 9 EM helmet and waffenrock.

I will share with you a subsequent helmet I have purchased that would also display with that grouping. (Pictures of the other helmet are below for reference.)

The reason I point out that refence material is key is because at first glance this might look like a regular line dragoon helmet. However, the visor depot markings show that this helmet was issued to a DR 9 dragoneer. Checking Larcade you would assume that this helmet has an incorrect wappen. However if you checked with Herr and Nguyen's "The German Cavalry, Uniforms and Equipment from 1871 to 1914" page 332, you will see the notation that on January 24th, 1899 with a, A.K.O. Kaiser Wilhem awarded the 9th a battle honors bandeau. This means that this helmet was completely correct until the decree. The puzzling part is the date or number under the Squadron number. I cant tell if it's a date or a kammer number.