A very high realized price for an incomplete Baden M15 in average condition


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I think this is a new "high" finished auction price for an average condition M15 Baden helmet with no chinstrap or kokardes.

It realized $1,125.00 for the seller. The buyer most likely had to pay the state sales tax as well, to add on to this $1,125.00 sale price.

And the greenish color of the spike shows that it's a mis-match for the rest of the pewter gray helmet fittings on this Baden helmet.

Found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/353986025248?hash=item526b361720:g:8CsAAOSwVbhiRw4G&nma=true&si=NL%2FupRqSiuv2rXibfp8c2Zjkfhw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557


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Thats genuinely astonishing, and it wasn't even a unit marked piece. I think i have 375 for a GR110 M15 not 2 years ago.


Couldn't believe it! but good luck to the seller . Rob


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The seller is Craig Luther of Wisconsin. Some of you may know him from the Minnesota Military Show, and/or the SOS. I consider him to be a good, honest dealer. He sets up at lots of shows, and buys collections, similar to Jeff at AGM, but on a smaller scale than Jeff. He takes some of his inventory to shows and has employee(s) who help him with the eBay listings, as his inventory is large and he's always buying more inventory. He always has a large presence at the MN show, with ?10 or ?12 tables at previous shows.

Apparently he had two very impatient "collectors" who decided they just "absolutely had to have" this Baden helmet, fighting over it and driving the price up to an insane level. Lol, there's always going to be more of these Baden M15's, and in nicer condition and unit marked if a person simply has the patience to wait, lol.


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If you're thinking like I am James, I'm thinking: "wouldn't it be nice to get that much for a helmet when we put one on eBay?" We've both had disappointing results on eBay with selling helmets there in the past.

I suppose part of it's the "auora" of him constantly having a large presence on eBay as a trusted seller, and selling such a wide range of items each week, and having a large follower base of collectors there because of this fact.

I personally find eBay to be very frustrating, their fees being outrageous, and I have not sold anything on that venue in quite a long time.