Another Ebay Tschapka


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Nice interior, I wonder why the seller thinks the wappen is a repro? Did I miss something?


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Oooops... I'm afraid my 2nd degree was missed! "Suspicious": which gives the feeling that something may be wrong. Here it is not just a feeling. This thing is bogus from A to Z. Look at the shape of the mortarboard, the appearance of the finish, the visor, the shape and width of the visor rim, not to mention the Feldzeichen and chinscales...
An attempt was made to reproduce the Fangschnurr hook but it is not even right (the wire should be attached to the top of the half-sphere). The only real thing may be the liner, but it comes probably from a spike helmet, not a Tschapka. Brian has very well described in several posts the particular attachment of the liner to the front of a Tschapka.