Another HR 20 busby


I enjoyed the discussion on Brian’s HR 20 busby. I thought I would show mine again but with more detail. The similarities to Brian’s suggest that they were made by the same company. The stamps on the inside are the same, 20 H.R. and BA XII. So are the raw leather inside tops. Plus, the flat fabric lining. They also share the same type of the sealskin seams, both positioned under the kolpak hangover.

I cannot make out the date on mine. But I think I can see a “6.” I could be wrong.

However, my liner is different. Also, and this is interesting, my kolpak has no steel spring fitting. It is sewn directly to the busby top. Could this have been sewn by a previous owner who lost or broke the spring? Curiously, the top has the retaining pins to hold the spring in place. It’s the only busby I’ve owned with a sewn kolpak. Any suggestions?



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What a lovely piece!
As for your assumption of the Kolpak, I think you might be correct.
Is it secured all around?
Otherwise you may be able to see if the Busby is still stamped on top and you can therefore assume that the Kolpak was indeed secured later.