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Question for all you Imperial German collectors ;
It seems that the Hessian Dragoon Regiment 24
before W W I carried the Russian N cypher and Russian crown
when the war started , the regiment had the cypher removed
and replaced with the number 24
Was there something more to this than the obvious ?

The reason I ask is that it seems all the Prussian regiments
that carried Russian cyphers did NOT have them replaced .
They wore the cyphers into the war with the feldgrau
uniform straps .
I know of the following Prussian Regiments that had Russian cyphers ;
Kur Regt 6
H R 8
2 Garde Dragoons
Uhlan Regt 1
Uhlan Regt 3

Even the Kaiser continued to wear the Russian cypher
on his shoulder straps for KAGGR# 1 and 2 Garde Dragoon Regt
The same can be said for 1 Garde Dragoons with the Queen Victoria
cypher of England

And then there is the Saxon F A R 28

replies and feedback please



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One answer to me was that Nick I I was still alive
as the war was going on
thus he was the enemy and his cypher was removed
all other foreign Royals had already passed away
so their cyphers could remain

two other thoughts
the 24 # pre-dated the award of the cypher
the 24 # was placed after the cypher was removed

Chip Minx

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A decree of May 1917 provided that all cyphers of hostile foreign rulers were to be removed. I have M15s enlisted straps from the 8th Kürassier, 24th Dragoner, etc. with numbers in the place of the former crown and cypher. There was no 24th reserve dragoon regiment, so that is not a possible answer. I can't locate the date of the award of the regimental cypher. Perhaps Glenn can provide that.