Are the forums having problems?


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Yesterday the link to the forum was blocked. Today the access is free but i am not able to open the photos.
Is it a my problem or are there some technical problem with the forum? Is it just me who has these problems? Thx Giorgio


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Same here.

The "spam" topic in the "General Site Information" section opens up as a blank page, and so does the topic above it "How to answer"

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Appreciate the help and expertise but I do not think it is fixed. Many links and images do not open....''they no longer exist''???????


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Today I tried to create a new post but i was not able to attach the photos and a lot of topic have missed the pictures.


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Ok I have previously contacted tech support but will do so again.. last weekend for some reason, the forum went down, then Joel fixed that issue but we still have problems with photos being seen. I will email him.