Argentinian Infantry Officer Cadet


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I bought this off of Ebay recently and was actually surprised that no one else was after it. I suspected a South American connection and sure enough after a bit of internet search, I identified this as an Argentinian officer cadet.
You can just make out the Phrygian cap which is a central part of this wappen. Post card size with nothing written on the reverse.


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Nice photo.
That would be a unique collection of pickelhaubes of South America
Is it possible to see pictures of them Allen ?


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I thought this helmet looked familiar, it is very similar to one advertised in the 1932 C.E. Junker catalog which has basically the same front plate but with the addition of flags outside the laurel wreath.



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The one shown in the catalogue is for officer's of the Presidential Guard- very rare! I plan on posting my helmets and effects when time permits...:)