Austro-Hungarian Hussar Uniform Group


For your review and comment is a complete 1917 dated hussars uniform. This uniform was commissioned and produced for the Neuadjusteriungs des Heeres Projekt. With this project, the army high command hoped to decide on a universal uniform design to be implemented after the war. In the end, the dissolving of the monarchy and the fragmentation of the empire made the entire project obsolete.

The project involved the submission of concept drawings and then the commissioning of uniform sets of various designs and material colors. These items are extremely rare with most known examples in the collection of the Austrian Army Museum in Vienna. This uniform set was acquired after the war by the Hungarian National Theater, where it stayed until the 1950's when it was sold to a Hungarian collector.

I just recently purchased this uniform. I am strictly a headgear collector and my hope is to trade this set for some nice Austro-Hungarian caps. Although I may own this set for only a short time, I actually feel privileged to have it in my home. They are certainly the coolest and most rare items I have ever owned.


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Jeff R

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What a rare and beautiful grouping - and a fascinating story and provenance. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing!


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Very nice, its something I always wanted in my collection but have yet to find.

Wonderful set.