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There was heated discussion between my Czech freinds whether this was a model 1827 or 1848 Austro-Hungarian Dragoon helmet. They finally lost me, my Czech isn't that good, but I bought it anyway :lol: . Absolutely huge and awesome ! Most likely missing the bush, but my reference material on this era is inadequate to say for sure. Corky


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Thanks for all your kind comments. I am very excited about my new items, and always am surprised as to how I find them. I have not had good luck in military or antique shops in Prague, but rather in newspaper adds, odds and ends shops, or by word of mouth. You just can't predict. I just got back and found an 1883 reichsrevolver at a country auction at a great price. Go figure ? What a great hobby !!!!! :eek: Corky


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Corky if you can go to Prage we expect to see y ou and your bride at
SOS ----=-= Looking forward to meeting you! :alien:


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Yeah, Corky, I second Joe's comment, I think James is bringing Paul's credit cards to buy the beer.