Baden Arty Pickelhaube on Bay


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Hello folks -
My name is Dan and I collected a few Pickelhaubes way back when (probably 12 years ago) ...and then my focus changed to raising kids and other militaria. Now, I have a bit of a bug to get back into it a little bit, so joining this forum is (to me) the first place to start! I still own all my original book references as well, so that's a good thing. I've had my eye on wanting to obtain an artillery Pickelhaube and I stumbled on this one on the bay ... (and I know the Bay is a minefield, especially if someone isn't well versed on the particular items they are going after).

This helmet got my attention, but the left Kokarde is ... well, NOT right. The rest of the helmet may have potential (??), but bad Kokarde is all red flag for me. Since I am back at a practically novice stage ... can someone set me straight? .. what else with this helmet gives you pause?

I'd appreciate feedback. I am going to take the time to also study the learning threads on the site as I get my footing.
Thank you for your time... Dan
Hello Dan,
Were you serious?.. This helmet is a total fake. From A to Z.
Welcome back to the hobby though.
Hey 911 to start somewhere (lol), and I appreciate your response. I am not gonna pull the trigger on buying again until I get well read-up and spend much more time here and in my reference books. I've been collecting swords and steel helmets for the past few years. Again, thanks for responding. I have work to do :). Dan
Hi Dan: Welcome to the forum! That one looks to have been "made in India" so as Bruno said....totally bogus. However, a large part of what we are about here is to make sure that fellow Haube Collectors don't get burned. So, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Good to have you with us!
Welcome on the forum Dan!

As Bruno and Brian have stated, this helmet is repro, it is even advertised as such, so no problem.
I have both M15, and M95 Baden helmets in my collection, they look different to the one you posted. But they are infantry ones, the differences to the one you posted is very obvious. As stated, nothing is correct on the helmet in your e-Bay link.
But better to ask first here, than to get burned. We are all here to help, I had to learn too, and found all I need here.

So keep posting helmets you are wanting to buy, and we will respond with what we know, there is a lot of knowledge here! :)
Thank you for all the great comments and feedback - I appreciate your knowledge for sure! I will do my homework, and rarely do I buy off ebay unless I am really comfortable. I'd much prefer to look here at forum sale section from other members. Thx, Dan