Baden Helmet


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Definitely an older pre 1891 style of helmet, with non vented rear spine and OR’s spike with pearl ring. Kokarden look original. I am wondering though about the chin scales, they are original but are fastened with Officer rosettes. I believe that they should be the pre 1891 OR’s bolt on style which would be proper for the rest of the brass fittings. So it looks good to me other than those officer rosettes.


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The chinscales are held together with a bolt instead of the normal fastener at the front. This is not all that uncommon. The rosettes are not proper for this M1871 helmet as Brian mentioned. It should have screw posts instead of rosettes. This would be an easy change and you can find original screw posts, though it may require a wait.
My biggest concern is the Wappen. I'm looking at small photos so take this with a grain of salt, but there appear to be bubbles on the Wappen surface especially around the bandeaux. Take a close look at a blown up section of the Wappen that shows "F. FUERST" and you will see what I'm talking about. If I were looking at this helmet I would request a photo of the reverse side of the Wappen. If the seller refused to remove the Wappen, which is his right of course, I would ask for additional close up photos of the wings and the bandeaux.
I would definitely bid at it's current price, but I wouldn't go too high unless I got better info on the Wappen.
Just my opinion.



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I would let it go then if I were you. Like John mentioned, the wappen looks like a galvano copy, details on it are not as crisp as they should be.

Regards, Coert.


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I fully agree with most of what Brian and John wrote. In addition:
  • The picture with the spike top off shows the spike and basis are made of white metal. This matt, golden patina is indeed typical of oxidized maillechort (Neusilber). The seller does state in the title it is a helmet with silver fittings. Then what is it? If it is really from Baden, it should be a pioneer helmet, unless someone has other suggestions. However, the spike would not unscrew on a pioneer helmet, and chinscales should be in brass. Are they?
  • The spine does not adhere well to the shell. Not a good sign. These older models are generally sturdy and keep together quite well. Same for the plate, which does not fit tightly
  • The Reich cockade has nothing to do on a 1871 model, unless... (see below)
  • My main point, though, is that there is something striking when you look at the side pictures (#5 and 7): this does not look like a 1871 shell (shape, height), but more like a 91, if not 95 model.
In aggregate, I do not think this is a 1871 model; I would rather vote for a 91-95 variant, perhaps an Extra-Helm with Perlring, no aerator, and screwed-on chinscales (is it a conicidence that the spine attachment to the rear bill has been hidden on the pictures? It is a useful indication for identification). Then could it have been worn much later with a Reich cockade?..
Alternatively, it may be a put-together helmet, with notably a wrong plate.
I may be wrong. It is of course difficult to build a strong opinion without seeing the thing in the flesh, but some additional pictures provided by the seller might be decisive. It is intriguing that she declined to send more...


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Thank you very much for your opinions and appreciate your help! It sounds like that this piece isn’t 100% accurate or worth the money.


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After having the opportunity to look at some larger photos I agree with 911Car. I don't think this is an M1871 helmet. The profile is incorrect. I now believe that this is a parts helmet built out of an M91/95 helmet shell. I would stay away from this one, especially if the seller refuses to send more photos of the Wappen.



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I would let it go then if I were you. Like John mentioned, the wappen looks like a galvano copy, details on it are not as crisp as they should be.

Regards, Coert.
Coert as usual you are right,this is a gross copy.I am sending a photo for comparison and regards.


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