Baden L G I R 109


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Just in a single shoulder strap for the Baden 109
The numbers 109 and not the crown on the strap
suggest that this officer was in the reserve regiment
There is white underlay however no silver tressa on the strap
which might also be because he was a reserve
Shown with it is massive pair for a Lt. Col
with the crown and the silver tressa
This is the older style shoulder straps
that I have owned since 1981
SteveBaden 109 f.JPGBaden 109 B.JPG


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I want to tell you Steve, that I am more and more fascinated by your shoulder's theme collection.
Zeb ;
Many thanks
I collected shoulder straps since the 1980's
When Mike Kelso started the plans for his book on I G shoulder straps
That got me fired up to do a better job with my shoulder strap collection
Here are a couple of more pairs of Baden L G R 109
1 pair pre war ; the other Feldgrau
sorry that they are under glass , so not the best photo
SteveBaden L G R 109.JPG

mike kelso

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Steve was very forthcoming with allowing me to photograph his straps, boards and epaulettes for Under Arms. Much appreciated.

I might add Tony of Kaisersbunker and many others contributed.