Baden Leib Dragoon Regiment Enlisted Mans helmet circa 1870 just arrived!!


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Very nice, James. A model adopted in 1867; this one may have been worn during the Franco-Prussian war. Note "Meyer IV". Such a common German name there were three more in the squadron.


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Yet again, another top-shelf helmet in your collection. Thank you for the pictures.
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Wow, thats nice. When was this particular helmet taken out of service? Would this have been reissued into 1900s and maybe ww1?

Steve Nick

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That's a beaut! I really like these Baden silver fitted helmets. Probably the best look in the Imperial Army in my view.


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Very, very nice James, congratulations! (y)

It reminds me that I need to strip that old gold paint off from the neusilber fittings on my helmet, something I meant to do last summer and did not accomplish. And to also work on my M15 Oldenburg Dragoon e.m. and remove the silver paint, and my M15 Saxon Garde Reiter using the evaporust product, now that it is finally nice outside to do this work outside the house.