baden pickelhaubes


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Hi Kevin,
These are post-WW1 helmets. 2000-2005 era? Perhaps not even that old... A specialist of early 21st century Pickelhauben might be able to tell.


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The dead give away on these repros is the spike and ball top, they are not correct. Looks as if someone tried to age the officer spitze.


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Hey, welcome if we haven't said so already! THANKS for asking BEFORE buying! Everybody is indeed correct, fakes / replicas. At any rate, you might want to look into some reference books before buying, or go to some military shows to get a feel for the real thing. You can also browse Age of Kings, Kaiser's Bunker and others to start really looking for the shape of spikes, shells and such. Also, take a look at the originals shown on this forum.

Best of luck!

:D Ron


I would guess India or Pakistan. Many I've seen from these countries have the same incorrect "pinhead" shape to the shell. Usually the shape tells me it's a repro without even having to look at the fittings.