Battle of Mons Lobsterback helmet


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Bruno, private message in your inbox to buy "ce convolut"!😁
More seriously, interesting to see that Albrecht came from Riga (Latvia) and Sergeant Wolsdorff was from Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
Did you get it from the Albrecht family? It does not seem to be a vet bring back. Do you have a pict of Leutnant Rudolf Albrecht?
I really love those named things, for me, it´s the coolest way to collect!


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Philippe, I got everything from the family in Stuttgart (where he is buried). There was also his portrait, but it was a painted picture that was huge. At the time I could not find a way to get the picture shipped and I left it. Now I regret, of course! I had received a photo of the painting but I cannot find it.
I did not know he was from Riga. Thank you for the info.


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Unfortunately, the Kriegsstammrollen of the DR26 (as all the Württemberg Stammrollen) do not mention the officers...
But if you are curious, Bruno, you can order a scan of the whole original acts of Leutnant Albrecht that still are stocked in the Stuttgart archives. Just mail and ask at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

I already have done this kind of request a few times in the past, as well in Stuttgart as in Karlsruhe (for Baden officers). They are answering very quickly and it is quite cheap (25-30 Euro). You can pay after have received the scans, with bank transfer (maybe paypal too).