Bavarian Generals tunic

That one sold a few times over the years and has issues with the lining being damaged. It's a beauty otherwise and sold for much less than $5k
Here’s one I missed and had no knowledge of neither the tunic nor the seller. Does anyone know the current owner?View attachment 45552View attachment 45553View attachment 45554View attachment 45555View attachment 45556View attachment 45557

It’s a beauty
I an not sure that I buy that story of the owner
1. 1st Garde Dragoons had a cypher . Queen Victoria of G B and India
since she had passed away sometime ago , her cypher would not have been removed ( IMO )
2. the straps look too long for the Waffenrock , as if they were added
3. I have some of his straps for 1 G D R , as does my collector friend Mike Kelso
4. Kaiser Wilhelm II carried the cypher of Queen Victoria on his last straps for 1 G D R
Steve1 G D R f.JPG1 Garde Dragoon General double piped.JPG1 Garde Dragoon X 3.jpeg1G D R.jpgK W I I  1 Garde Dragoon Regt.jpeg
Hi Steve, I need to find the site again and look over all the photos. I thought the cypher was removed in 1916 or 17
Hi Steve, I need to find the site again and look over all the photos. I thought the cypher was removed in 1916 or 17
I don't think so , but of course I could sure be wrong .
Let's see if Mike Kelso will join in
You see my Feldgrau examples
My double piped example
and my K W II example
all with cyphers
I looked at Kelso’s book last night and all boards to this regt shown bare the cypher.
From memory
I think that most of the 1 G D R Officers straps in Mike's book
are either his or mine
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Back to the Bavarian.
Came across this beautiful painting of General von Hellingrath.


Does anyone have Bavarian generals wartime collar tabs and should boards to share? What about tunics with the Bavarian collar border
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Below are period shot of various generals
View attachment 45353View attachment 45354View attachment 45355View attachment 45356View attachment 45357View attachment 45358

One posted years back by 03fahnen elsewhere when we were discussing imperial collar tabs.

King of Bulgaria in Bavarian GFM M16 bluse. His actual blue was offered for sale and I have no idea who ended up with it in their collection. Loops galore for badges.
These are the only photos of it.

View attachment 45348View attachment 45349View attachment 45350
This uniform along with others of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria are in a large collection. The bad thing is that my friend does not want to show his collection. I was able to photograph this one because it was in my house for a while, but at that time I had no money to buy it.
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I'd love to see the entire Ferdinand tunic. I know a fellow with one of his overcoats and it's a stunner.
No, from an auction. I've inspected the tunic inside and out and its wonderful. The collar tabs are very nice in hand as it the entire tunic.