Bavarian Infantry Officers 1916 Tunic with rare black belt.

tony v

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I wanted to show a combination I've been working on for a while for a Bavarian Infantry Officer. The tunic unusually, has only 5 buttons on front rather than usual six.
Tresse round the collar in full as was the wont early on and the 1866 pattern pickelhaube with parade plume, belt and gloves. I will add close up pics at a later date of the parade sash, pickelhaube with plume and awards cushion....

The Officers storage foot locker is named to a Reserve officer of IR9 ..Bavarian of course !



cheers Tony20211223_183214.jpg20211223_183220.jpg20211223_183226.jpg20211223_183233.jpg20211223_183257.jpg
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tony v

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Hi Tony, guess it's best suited in the German Uniforms Forum. If you would so kind it's appreciated. Happy Xmas.

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