Bavarian Light Cavalry Officer's Saber...Help with Unit Marks


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I recently got this sword that would have been carried by Bavarian Uhlan and Chevauleger officers and senior NCOs. Since officers were expected to purchase their own equipent I think that these officer's swords with Acceptance stamps were issued to the Senior NCOs. The sword was accepted into Bavarian service in 1893 (the year the model was introduced) and the most recent unit mark is for the 2nd squadron of the 7th Chevauleger Regiment. This Regiment was raised in 1905 so the sword had a previous owner. The marking for this unit appears to be JPI. If anyone can help with identifying this mark I would be grateful. Given that the weapon number for this is 2, I believe that this would have been issued to the VizeWachtmeister of the 2nd squadron.



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The un-cancelled markings are stamped according to the circa 1910 Bavarian property marking regulations but the cancelled markings are earlier it seems. However, they seem to indicate a Jaeger unit of a Pferde I (Armeekorps, zu-Pferde, Staff, Depot, Jaeger Regiment, etc.) to me. I have not seen this marking before.

A nice sword with Bavarian inspection and property markings. I like these property marked swords.