Bohemian Dragoon Helmet ?


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I was wondering if someone could help me identify a helmet. It has the classic Austro-Hungarian dragoon comb featuring a lion fighting a snake, but is silver with a gold lion/snake (rather than the classic gold on gold style). The helmet emblem is oval, with a two tailed lion rampant on green felt, with a olive branch on one side, an oak branch on the other (rather than the classic double headed eagle). I could not figure out how to attach photos, but would be happy to send some if someone is interested ( [email protected] ). I think it is Bohemian, but am interested to know for sure, when it was used, the exact location, and more generally, what the lion fighting the snake represents (or is it just the good guys verse the bad guys). - Thanks in advance - Keith


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Most member's are currently attending SOS militaria show in US .
This may have neemn answered better in Picklehaube discusian ,as section is mainly for countries other than Central powers .
hopefullt you will get an answer.