Book to sell - Die Formations- und Uniformierungsgeschichte des preußischen Heeres 1808 bis 1914 - Part 1


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Hello guys,
today I received my „new“ books of Paul Pietsch „Die Formations- und Uniformierungsgeschichte des preußischen Heeres 1808 bis 1914“.
I was looking for a good exemplar of part 2 for a longer period and finally found this good looking pair of part 1 and 2. So I bought it because of a good price, also I already had part 1 at home.
That’s why I’d like to sale my double existing part 1 of these 2 books and offer it in this Forum of like-minded people first. I would be happy if anybody is interessted in this exemplar of “Die Formations- und Uniformierungsgeschichte des preußischen Heeres 1808 bis 1914 - PART 1 (from 1963)“, which is still in a good condition.
I think it is very good basic for all Military-Collectors because it contains many AKO‘s regarding the evolution of the Uniforms from the foot troops.
It has a strong bond, the 3 leaflets and the colored plates are available. The dust jacket is stuck to the book but also looks quiet good. On the first pages is a stamp and a handwritten pencil-note of the previous owner, but I couldn‘t find any further handwritten notes. Also I couldn’t find any foxing.
If anybody is interessted and wants to buy it, please write a private message with a price you are willing to pay :thumb up:
Finally, please have a look to the pictures of it...

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This was 1st published in 1912..Just before the 1st ww .. there was naturally a lack of interest...It was republished in the 1960s when we were dying for info and collecting was really emerging...It has great -----primary info----- directly from the period and the detailed drawings really aid the collector. I hope collectors of today realize how important this book is.. AHZ


I was finally able to obtain a set in perfect condition at a modest price. Superb references!

You might have a better chance of selling it if you put it in the sales section, and listed a price...


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Thank you both, probably it would has been the better section and I will remember it next time.
But for this time I‘d like to close the post.