Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 17 EM Visor Cap

Mike H

A rare visor cap and hard to find. The Husaren-Regiment Nr. 17 was one of the few units that displayed the Totenkopf on their headgear. It was formed in 1809 and garrisoned in Braunschweig. I would rate this Condition 2 with one small moth nip on the piping, right side.

From the Steve McFarland collection -- a collector well known to this community.

Shipping will be via FedEx and is included in the price. Payment by PayPal is acceptable and preferred using the friends and family option. Packing will be careful and thorough and tracking information provided immediately on shipping. If the buyer is non-USA based, FedEx charges will be additional but at a heavily discounted rate and via International Economy. PM me with any questions or if you need additional details.

PRICE: $1,650



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G'morning - see my profile post. Interested in chatting about this one.
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