British Royal Gibraltar Regiment Helmets


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I recently picked up a pair of Foreign Service Helmets to the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Here is the first one.


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Now at first glance the helmet plates - notably the one on the left - could almost pass for Victorian Queen's Crown other ranks helmet plates. However, there was no Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the unit actually only dates back to 1958! These helmets were produced more recently for ceremonial duties.

The first one is cork and was made by Hobson & Sons, likely around 1998 when the regiment performed its first public duties in London in 1998 by firing a 62 royal gun salute at the Tower of London on the occasion of HM the Queen’s Birthday, a duty normally carried out by the Honourable Artillery Company. These helmets were likely used again in 2001 when the regiment mounted the guard at Buckingham Palace.

The second one was actually produced only in 2012 when the unit again provided the Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. What is fascinating about the second one is that it isn't a cork helmet at all. It is made of fiberglass. According to the media relations officer, whom I had contacted when trying to buy a helmet back in 2012, just over 100 helmets were purchased at a cost of £200.00 for other ranks and £300.00 for officers.

I picked these up at an auction recently. These were sold simply as bandsman helmets. I was quite pleased to say the least when these arrived!


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They look very nice both of them .its great to know its background becose i would dated them mutch older
Simply becose i know little as nothing about those helmets
Thanks for sharing👍👍👌