Cammo Helmet display

tony v

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Just finished off this display cabinet showing late war German Army issue kit. My aim was to get a representation of the things carried by the 1917/18 era soldier.

The three helmets are of differing cammo designs but are also an example of each M16, M17 and M18.
The gas mask on the left is the earlier version and nicely marked to a man from a MGK unit with 1st style tin. The grenade has the stencils still visible on the head and the item is complete. helmet has the steel band.

The gas mask on the right is 1917 leather with the late war snap on filter. The items in the right are all dated 1918..even the bullets....OCD I know. 1916 helmet but with the 1918 insignia.

The middle display shows the mid to late war for an NCO who has been promoted to Officer for the duration of the war. Luger holster dated 1918 but Luger is dated 1908. Whistle, compass, belt make up the ensemble.

Thanks for looking, last picture show it with the mood lighting ;);)