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a few weeks ago at Ciney (Belgium) I found quite a few objects I really like: a unteroffizier Prussian Fanschnur for a Tschapka (to complete my Hannoverian unteroffizier), an uberzug, and a M1867 Prussian Tschapka,

The latter was really a bargain in my opinion, it cost only 450 euro's (I love tschapka's , and it's by far not my prettiest, but it's the first model 1867 I have, and it is very much "dans son jus".
see pictures

Tschapka M1867 front (small).jpgaanwinsten ciney 2020klein.jpgTschapka M1867 wappen (small).jpgTschapka M1867 right side (small).jpgTschapka M1867 left side (small).jpg
Tschapka Hannover Fangschnur (smal).jpg


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Love it! That is quite a bargain for that! Congratulations! Does it have any markings in it? Would love to see some more photos of the UR 13 tschapka.


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Did you mean Ciney 2021, or is it the 2020 show that was postponed to this year?
Nice older model of Tschapka (although I could not see the "jus"). Is it marked?


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No markings, but has a trageretiket and no double holes, Will add some pics of inside tomorrow
It was Ciney 2021 (sorry for mistake)
The Hannover One : i can add pics in weekend, but i think i posted it before ( without fangschnur)


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Brilliant buy, congratulations. If I had seen that helmet for sale at that price I would have thought I was hallucinating!


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I could not see the "jus"

I think Michiel means "left as is", or "untouched" or "still in its 100 years of dirt" :)
The last ist most of the time meant in discussions on french forums. Some collectors do not want to see a single grain of dust on their helmets and make them shiny as they were, destroying sometimes the real charm of their objects... Other collectors only want to see the 100 year nature patina under the dirt and are only cleaning very carefully and superficially. And others do not want to touch anything, even the dust or dirt.
It´s always a non ending discussion on the french spaces...

For my part, I leave my helmets in their patina or even sometimes dirt, when the dirt is not too much. For me, it´s the thing called "jus" 😌
A few examples of my humble collection that can be tittled as "dans son jus", even for some of them with chinstrap still in combat position, taken on a prisoner or a dead soldier:




or sometime with significant traces of blood or other liquid that has eat into the leather: