Colonel Hogan's Right! A Preußen Kürassier Officer

Tony without Kaiser

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Well here is my retirement helmet.

This is by far the most superb example I have ever encountered of a Preußen Line Kürassier officer's​ Metalhelm. When it arrived I spent the entire evening with my jaw taped shut as I was so amazed my jaw was hanging open.

This elegant pattern with the elongated rear neck guard was predominant after 1899. The nickeled shell with gilt fittings and Preußen Line eagle Wappen was worn by Kürrasier Regts Nr. 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

The shell is an absolutely beautiful nickled steel officer's pattern “Lobster Tail” with a mirror finish and gilt trim. The ultra light helmet shell is in flawless as-new condition with no dents, no damage, and no extra holes. Mounted Troops rounded gilt chinscales retain the undamaged leather chinstrap, and are secured with highly detailed Kürassier pattern officer's​ cloverleaf rosettes. Correct large Reichs and Preußen two-piece Kürassier pattern officer's​ Kokarden with single angled ribbing. Interior leather liner and silk skull cap are absolutely undamaged showing only slight usage. Inner back visor is covered with black velvet displays only minor wear. Front Wappen is a beautifully gilded correct Kürassier pattern eagle with a silver Landwehr cross. Spike base is Kürassier officer style with a gilt cruciform spike base and very tall removable fluted silver spike. Inner front visor is covered with green leather with perfect light age crackling.

Close examination of the brass nuts and washers reveals that this helmet has never been taken apart. And as long as I am privileged to own it, it never will be.

In my humble opinion, a Preußen Line Kürassier officer's​ Metalhelm is the quintessential Pickelhaube symbolizing the Imperial German era. And this is as good as it gets.








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HOLY SH** wow!!

Tony cannot say enough, that is one premium helmet

Congrats on the helmet and retirement



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Fantastically excellent helme T!! Congrats on a well deserved retirement and a lovely helmet equal to the occasion. I am very happy for you my friend :thumb up:


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A reserve helmet for retirement... this makes sense.
Pristine examples of these fragile helmets are extremely rare. Small dings are the rule, at least.
This is really a masterpiece, Tony. Congratulations.


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What can I say :-k ? The others have already used all the compliment words #-o ...

Oh well, it's the best super magnifficent sweeeeeet stellar pristine wonderful fantastic amazing fantastically excellent premium masterpiece of the planet!