Colonel Klink’s Prussian helmet

I agree Mathew…. I believe that Klinks was a silver trimmed fire officer helmet with Garde wappen.
I have my doubts.
Are you sure ?
Unfortunately everyone one concerned in the owner ship of this helmet is dead. It seems like the real deal to me. It has all the attributes of Klink’s helmet. I bought it from a relative of a guy named Pat Singh who lived in LA and sold movie equipment on Hollywood blvd. let me know the details of your doubts? It maybe helpful to me. This could be like an episode of pawn stars where they need the DNA history of the item.
I watched a movie last night with Greogry Peck as a Nazi
on his desk was a Garde du Corp helmet with eagle top
a GFM baton and a dagger that I could not make out
What was the name of the movie?