Cook's Feldmütze

I saw those on old photos. for cooks and bakers. So I know that they existed however never seen one in reality. Question is if it was like a proper feldmütze or kind of cover, made from, light lining. Hard to say. Nice catch btw.

I'm sure we've all seen a few period photos of bakers and cooks wearing their white clothes with traditional cook or bakers' cap but at least for me I've never seen a baker/cook specific made all white Krätzchen or feldmutze whichever you prefer complete with Kokarden anywhere.

After looking at this cool photo for a few minutes I can't make out if it's actually a white Krätzchen or just a typical white baker/cook cap that he put some Korkarden on himself just to express his own individuality and personality which I like.

While it would be cool to think that they issued a specific all white Krätzchen for cooks and bakers or ever chefs working at the front I don't think they did.

I have seen white top Krätzchen and Schirmmütze for Medical or Red cross.

I'm not saying because I haven't seen one it doesn't exist but only that if there is an example anywhere in a private collection or published reference it would be new to me, and I would live to see it. (y)
It seems like the white Krätzchen was official, some photos posted on the "Feldgrau" forum:

Thanks, the photo posted by Dichkind certainly looks convincing and that he mentions the white cap was only worn while baking and feldgrau all the other time that would make it very hard to find and very rare to find any real clear pictures.

All the other photos like this one seem to show just traditional Bakers caps, which makes me think it was something that someone had special made.


I will say I'm hopeful but skeptical that it was an issued cap. Thanks for the link and additional information, it gives me another search and more detective work. (y)
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