Cuirassier 1867 helmet


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Can you help me identify this model 1867 cuirassier helmet?
What is curious is that it is equipped with a plate of the Guard of a leib-Gendarmerie eagle.
However, this configuration is not known. We see that the modification is old.
The Leib-Gendarmerie helmet that we know is the 1889 model. A previous model would have existed (like mine)?
I attach a photos of the illustrator Krickel (from the end of the 19th century) dated 1888 (before the model 1889) where we see an 1867 cuirassier helmet equipped with a Leib-Gendarmerie eagle !!!!
Thank you for your answers.

IMG_6211.JPGIMG_6213.JPGplaque 7.jpgIMG_6215.JPGIMG_6216.JPGplaque garde.jpgplaque 3.jpgplaque 4.jpgplaque 5.jpgplaque 6.jpg


I am fascinated by this helmet and the early date for the eagle in the illustration as well. Here is the Gendarme from the first print series of the new 1842 uniforms. It was my understanding that they did wear kurassier helmets but sported a guard star with the white plume for parade before adopting the sculptural eagle and the special helmet configuration with the pointed front visor. The eagle looks like white metal. But who would make something like that I wonder if it wasn't an original piece.


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