Debate on Restoration


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I've seen many of the YouTube videos on restoration, so this week for I wrote a piece on it.

Are restorations preserving or destroying history:


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Good article. I reminded me of an original Ford Model T that was found in original condition with 90% of the original paint and not body damage, as I recall, it was purchased for an insane price and then the owner decided it would be great to restore it, he spent a small fortune reducing its value by about half. When he was done, it was just another restored vehicle in a crowd of other just like it, while it had been a gem before.


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Nicely done. I started to write a big long winded reply, but ---. There is a difference between restoration and preservation, it all comes down to condition of the item to start with. Sometime we can learn a lot through restoration. It isn't the cash value of a piece but the educational value. IMHO


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In my bought it, you dug it up, it is your decision as to what you want to do with it. Regarding hauben, if you like it as is after 100 years with a chocolate brown patina on all the brass fittings and floppy visors due to rotten stitching that's ok, no problem, you own it. If you want it restored and shiny like it was originally, that is also own it. Museums preserve things, they stop the deterioration and put items on display in controlled conditions, very cool! They also educate the public which is great. Collectors though, get into the realm of restoration which to me again brings me to, you own it thus, you decide. My two cents.


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There were times when everyone wanted a restored item and now everyone want a piece with patina. I think it’s a question of popularity and likings will change again.