Does anyone else see problems with this Visor trim???


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It could be a test Helmet. Looks perfect for trench fights, but I wonder how much pain for the neck a use would cause?


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It looks to me operated by steam created by the back of the neck.
Because of that it can operated in hot climates only
Making it that much more rarer.
A good find although the visor trim and cocardes may be questionable as others have said.


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I heard that muzzle blast caused much corrosion of the head and crown of the wappen. The Mk 11 wappen had the eagle wearing a stahlhelm.


Now I am confused, as you experts have thrown me. How does the user wear it with that grey round thing in the way?


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Sorry Brian, I would be happy to, but the guy selling it says it is a size 52 and I'm a 60 (not bragging of course).
PS. If you really have to see what I look like just look at my avatar. That's Ludwig III but he's a dead ringer for me- that's why I picked it!
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