Dragoner No. 2


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Some pictures of Dragoner #2 helmets from Steve M:





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Here is the info on the Dragoon Regt. 2 officers helmet photos .
These were taken by a collector friend of mine back in the 1980's
The location was Fort de la Pompelle
The first photo is an officers helmet , but with an enlisted Brandenburg plum
non enameled
Photo 2 is a D R 2 reserve officer in the normal gilt trim
Photo 3 is a D R 2 officer in the new silver trim
There was a late AKO saying that all Dragoon regiment helmets
were to go to silver trim , except 1 Garde Dragoon
Bruno has sited the late date of the AKO under the Dragoon Regt 9 topic
As best that I can understand the only 2 helmets that we could I D
in the change from gilt to silver would be D R 2 and D R 9
We believe this may apply to officers helmets only .
Has anyone else seen silver trim Dragoon officers helmets
from D R 2 or D R 9 ?
Jim T. is the owner of the D R 9 officer in silver
Steve McFarland