Dragoner-Regt. Konig Carl I von Rumanien (1. Hannoversches) Nr. 9 - Sergeant

Tony without Kaiser

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A perfect example of why I collect Dunkelblau and not Wartime. All those glorious colours! And superb condition. The lacquer on the helmet in particular is near perfect, fully preserved. It’s hard to believe all helmets looked that shiny at one time; you could shave looking at that shell. Well done John and also your photos are significantly better.


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Seeing things as great as this is definitely not good for my heart!! Stupendous ensemble John, just stupendous. - not to mention that wappen of my dreams.
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Excellent grouping John, congratulations! I also love the colours of these pre 1910 uniforms. Awesome condition on both pieces.👍


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Spectacular helmet, John! Amazing. Is it marked?
(You should give it the original Reich cockade it deserves...)


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Great Display
Thanks for the photos
I collect shoulder straps and I have D R 9 with the cypher and with the number .
I believe the double underlay pair with the # 9 could be after the cypher was no longer used
or for a reserve unit .Steve
D R 9 Pair.JPGD R 9.JPG


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Thank you very much for the kind words gentlemen! Shout out to Tony for making me up my game on picture taking and framing!!!

Bruno: It is an unmarked example. I did not add the photo of the interior (Whoops) but it is a squared tongue leather liner which would be correct for a Private Purchase helmet.

Steve: Nice straps!!! I know they received the monogram honors in 1914. I do not know if they had to be removed during the war when Romania entered the war in 1916.



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I do NOT own an enlisted D R 9
I find the enlisted Dragoons much harder to locate than the officers helmets.
Here are my officers examples
On the left is the regular D R 9 in gilt
On the left is a D R 9 example in silver
There was a late AKO that all Dragoon helmets were to go to
silver trim except for the 1 Garde Dragoon
I traded for that helmet at the S O S one year .
SteveD R 9 officer X 2.JPG


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Wow! This group is outstanding. Congrats your esemble is really superbe.
It's one of my dreams. Unfortunately up to now I have not been able to find a pickel of D.R. 9 regiment.