Early Prussian General's Parade Tunic


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I've owned a few of these over the years, but this is by far the nicest of them! The fabric is fresh and bright, and the bullion embroidery retains most of its original gilding, which really makes it stand out. The size is reasonably large (about 42-43 chest) and there are loops for a long medal bar and numerous pin backs/stars on the left breast. On the right shoulder is attached a beautiful heavy gold bullion aiguillette/shoulder straps, which bears two silver pips for the rank of full General. The left shoulder sports a silver twisted purl strap. The interior is fully lined in red cloth. Price is US $3000, which is considerably lower than what is typically asked by the big European dealers! Please feel free to ask any questions...


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Well...that was quick, I guess it pays to advertise on our site and quality sells easily. Congratulations Arran!


I was wondering how you would display such a fantastic item. Would you have to preserve it behind a glass case of some sort mothballed and away from sunlight ? I wouldn't be able to cope with the stress of it just sat on a manikin waiting for the moths to feast. :(

How do you guys display yours ?
Any photo's ?

To own something similar is on my bucket list :D