EK 1 Somme 1916


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Is this Iron Cross 1st Class worth over $300 despite the Somme marking on its back?


Lost Skeleton

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Ronny, where do you find these things? That EK is as phony as a three dollar bill. The details of the Preußen crown, the shape of the numbers in the date, the pin, the catch, all WRONG, WRONG, WRONG (IMHO, that is).


Oh, I don't know. Jewelers special edition with extra catch work and inscription of the date and place that drew the award.
I think it is a pretty cool piece.

Lost Skeleton

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"Jeweler's" piece is, of course, possible, but made where and when?

These are old photos of a W-S EK 1 from my collection. Compare the details against those in the pictures posted by Ron. EKs made the K-O firm (et al) differ noticeably from Wagner crosses, but not as much as they all do from the "Somme" cross above. I've been attempting to make out the hallmark on pin, which looks like U.R.O., but I can't be certain. :-k