EM Brass Rear Spine Needed


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Hey Guys,
I am looking for a vented brass rear spine that is on the long side.
I need one that is 17.5 cm to 18 cm or 6 3/4 inches
I got lucky here when I needed a grey metal one hopefully I will get luck again.
I look every day on the US, France and German eBay's !
Anybody have one in this large size ?

I still need this one.
It seems that I am always looking for rear visors.
I need the spine to complete a felt Sax.
Happy Thanksgiving guys.
Still looking.
It seems that I am always looking for a rear spine.
It took me about 3 years to find a long gray one.
But I did here, from one of our members !!!
Thanks Colin
I actually monitor US, Germany and France's eBay every day.
The French spine is a little short.
I made an offer on the relic spine because I think it is the right length.
I just hope ( if I get it ) it will clean up .
also it was either eBay Deutsch eBay Britain or eBay Français but one of them had a bunch of rear spines and other parts that were real because they had the vent thing
They make repos of the vent.
Yes I got it and am waiting for it to be delivered.
I didn't realize it was in Ireland.