Ersatz Kurassiere

Nice helmet! I Didn't see it and don't have one to share, so Thanks All! I like that A o K leaves the purchase prices up so we can at least see what we missed and for how much. Always good to know.
Congratulations Steve, it's rare and superb. A few years ago, I missed the same one for sale on a French forum, of which I am a member. Many people thought it was a children's toy. I didn't, but on this forum, it's the first one to express an intention to buy that wins.

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Egalement marqué du Jäger zu Pferde 8 View attachment 44155

Note that only the decorative rivets are fake and stamped. The 2 rivets securing the neck cover and the 2 securing the visor are genuine.
Good photos
thanks for the photos
I am happy to get this helmet
and I am pleased to see that after the post
it brought out other examples of the helmet for all to see
it turned out to be a very interesting thread , I think
Steve, don't you have enough......... I was trying to press the button buy button on that one...... :oops:
Which one did you get ?
Or maybe you are like me
I don't like to talk about a deal until it is in the hand
I figure that I might jink it
I bought the Bavarian Reserve Officer 'parts' helmet.
I finished re-attaching the visor, now I have to make a good measurement and try to find a set of chin scales. The nice (?) thing is, I don't know what unit this officer was from so I could go flat scales (ex: infantry) or convex (ex: Feild Artillery). Having been in both, but having an officer Bavarian infantry, I think I'll try to find convex.


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