Estate collection of pickelhaubes for sale


Hey everyone, I'm in charge of selling the estate of a local well-known military antique dealer which includes over 30 helmets, many of which are pickelhaubes. Several of them still in their transport cases. I know very little about these helmets and have no clue if they're original or not. They don't appear to be reproductions to me, but I'm posting them here for you to judge the authenticity. They're all for sale, however I don't have a particular set price on any of them so I'm open to offers and figured I'd throw this out there to see how I should proceed. I'll probably be posting these in individual threads so I can upload more detailed pictures and details. For now just let me know if you're interested in any one in particular and I can provide more pics/details until I get around to posting them. Thanks!


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Tony without Kaiser

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Well, not huge, many of us have 100+ helmets. But Sam had good taste. At least here you are found a forum with quite a few very experienced collectors, and some inexperienced collectors who will at least get some proper guidance. Plus I think here you’ll get a fair price rather than throwing it in an auction or whatever.

I was a Reserve Officer for a while so I would be interested in this one below. My email is [email protected]

Good luck with everything whatever you decide to do for the family. Tony


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I am interested in 3107 can you send photos to [email protected]
Thank you and I look forward to seeing picture of the inside of helmet, back and sides.Best regards

Are there any extra helmet parts?


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Pics of some of the helmets can be found on eBay. Pure has listed few helmets on ebay. Tony, the pics of the wurttemberg is there too. Very nice helmet


3512 please could you PM with more pics and price you would accept.

A Pickelhaube with an Iron Cross on it, how could it get better?


Wow I'm a bit surprised by how popular this post was and I'm trying to keep up. I do have a few of these helmets posted on eBay so far but now that I've found this site, I'll be posting them individually in their own threads. It would be tough for me to send pics/details to each person that's asked so far, sorry but I'm a one man show over here! I do have very detailed pictures of all the helmets so I should be able to get them posted here today if nothing else comes up. Thanks everyone for your patience and your interest! For now if you're interested in seeing what other collectibles this man has, please check out my eBay site until I can move some of the stuff over here. There are a few pretty interesting badges/medals that may interest some of you as well. I'll do my best to keep up with everyone's request!


Tony without Kaiser

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Oh, and the WWI Imperial German Lt. Franz Buchner Blue Max Pilot Badge C.E. Juncker Berlin is an atrocious copy. Once I was done laughing I had to run and wash my eyes out with bleach.

I know, you don't know these items, but about this abomination now you do.



Thanks, Tony without Kaiser for the snarky remarks. You sound like someone kicked your dog. Good luck with the bleach.


No idea to the value of the Pickelhaubes but you place $5K opening bids on the ones you up loaded to ebay?


I'm out. Have fun everyone.
I do have no idea of the value, that's why I created an account here to get "expert" opinions. Not attitude from you. Better aim high and accept offers than to sell them for too low, right? Right.
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This is the type of stuff I don't understand about the internet. Why would you make a remark like that and not back it up? You wouldn't talk to me like that in person. Didn't you mom ever teach you to treat people how you want to be treated? That if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Come on, Tony, talk to me like a man. Educate me on how the badge is an atrocious fake, but do it in a respectful manor. I don't have a clue about most of the stuff in this estate, I'm just doing my job trying to make money for the family of the departed. Are the helmets I posted on eBay overpriced? Educate me, that's why I'm on here, but again, do it in a respectful manor. If this is what this forum is about, y'all can have it, I'll post these elsewhere. I was just trying to get some friendly advice and information, not for a 'staff member' of this forum to piss in my cheerios then peace out. What a dick.


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Pure25, not sure what your name is as you never post it. Your prices are high on the ones on Ebay for sure, probably double what they are worth, just letting you know.

You asked for expert opinions and for reasonable offers and I am sure you will get both, whether you accept them or not is your business.

I know you declined my offer saying it was not even close, I am fine with that, your choice you can ask anything you want. But it was a more then fare offer...

Tony is probably the most respected collector out there and knows his stuff, so lets just move on... Calling him a Dick is not ok in my book.