Estate collection of pickelhaubes for sale


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From Tony: "This has become "The thread of shame". I wouldn't want my photo on it personally...
Absolutely agree, there are MUCH better places for honest decent comments than this dismal tombstone of a thread.
Please let it die people, if it has to remain on the Forum let it be as a warning to others, life is too short to dwell on that irritating person and his (rather obvious) problems.


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She looks marvellous. You look like a typical greasy oily Tanker. Yea! Ron we started a reenactment section on the forum, these images might be better served there? This has become ‘The thread of shame’. I wouldn’t want my photo on it personally…
I actually posted it especially for my fellow tanker.... you! Glad you enjoyed it. Fortunately, we have a good group here on this site and I'm glad to share a photo with all of you. I've picked up some nice helmets here and well, the overpriced, overrated ones by sellers who think they have more than they do... Oh well.