Expensive Reproductions at Auction?


Does anyone have any insights as to why these helmets sold for nearly $1500.00? The Saxon helmet still appears on Ebay for around $100.00. Is there some chance that the Garde du Corps helmet is real.

http://morphyauctions.hibid.com/lot/25426406/lot-of-2--cuirassier-helmets/?q=1760&sort=2&ref=catalog" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


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It only takes two interested parties to really drive up the prices at an auction. I've scored some fantastic deals in these type of auctions, but I've been outbid on items I thought should go really cheap too!

I did actually win two helmets at last week's Morphy's Auctions. In the case of the two helmets you mentioned, I think it was just a case of bidders getting caught up at the moment.


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Here's another...

http://morphyauctions.hibid.com/lot/25424824/reproduction-garde-du-corps-metal-helmet-/?sort=2&ref=catalog" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Morphy's auctions seem to have a mix of great militaria and outright fake rubbish. I recently brought two French cuirasses from them at a great price. Unfortunately I also brought one of their 'reproduction' helmets which was a mix of original French parts and absolute rubbish reproduction parts. Seems to be a case of hit and miss with this company.


I entirely agree. I purchased a helmet last year from them that turned out to be a mix of parts. This year I bid on an 1843/53 Kurassier helmet in relic condition missing plate, chin scale, and liner that was listed with three costume pieces and an Austrian police shako. Incredibly the lot went for over $1800. If I had bid I would be looking at over $2000.00 What appeared to be an 1842 leather helmet korpus turns out to be made entirely of plastic complete with stitching according to the buyer who is now offering it on Ebay for $44.00.