Fez and Colonial Headgear


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Here are some other colonial headgear I acquired recently.

A Fez to the King's African Rifles- This is post-WWII, but the same style of headgear was used for 50 years.



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A cap - not sure if it is accurate to call it a pillbox as it is oval and not round - from the Malay State Volunteer Rifles.





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Something different as it isn't British. This is a soft fez to the Spanish Tarbuch de Regulares, the Muslim troops serving in North Africa under Franco. This could be anywhere from 1940 to 1970... probably a bit later, but another interesting piece.


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Love thise thread!
Nice items!
I have a special bound with colonial militaria in general.
Here is mine ;Belgian Congo Force Publique fez for enlisted locals.


Here is my pith helmet for European enlisted men and officers.

All are post II WW and before 1960.

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Here is a pre 1910 Belgian Congo high ranking sword.
Used by civilians as well, like governors.


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Sorry that was a bit off topic!
Back to headgear.
Here is the die to make the pith helmet insigna for the "police judiciaire" those insigna's are extremly rare; I never saw one!
The next die is to make a other even extremly rare "speciale police" pith helmet insigna.


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The pith helmet insigna's from 1910 until 1950;


The insigna from 1950 of;

I do have the die's for these two insignas as well, just don't know where!?!!

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Some pic's I took at the Belgian National museum, when they had a temporarly exposition concerning Belgian Congo.
Many displayed items came from private collections. A pitty my battery's whent down cause it was a great expo.


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Just found pictures of the matrixes of the headgear insigna's;


And thise die is the one to make the "Congo star" the long service medal one recieved for the time he served.

Here is a miniature version on a bar among other WWII medals.


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Very interesting Force Publique wood carved stool.
Radial pattern on top showing a goat and a snake with a stalk-like plant.
It looks like it is made with inlaid copper coil.
The legs are made up of the heads of Force Publique guards with their traditional fez hats. Probably from the early days of the Force.

I am bringing it to the VMFA later this week to get a second opinion.

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Very traditional art! One often see in different a forms and patern.
Also with pith helmets.

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Belgian colonial stuff is hard to get, and prices went from dirt cheap to high tops!
I got frustrated, as I couldn't find any more objects to add to that part of the collection, for a long time now.
Even tought of selling the entyre collection.
And then out of the blue I managed to lay hand on thise,to me quiet impressive ,uniform pieces of the last mayor of a major city in formal Belgian Congo.
Hise cap head band and sleeve-parts to transforme the service dress into a parade uniforme.
Public and military functions where mostly one in the organisation and governance of Belgian Congo, that is how nearly every body in every service had a uniform, and a equivalent rank in the military, or para-military organisation.