French képi for a dragon of the 9th reg. 1914

Dear All

A recent acquisition of mine to complete my French headgear collection.

This a beautiful képi for a French dragon EM of the 9th reg. of dragons based in Epernay (north of France). A regiment which was heavily involved in the first months of the war and sustained heavy losses.

The képi is in excellent condition (rare for those cheaply made caps) with no apparent damage and minimum wear. This one was properly stored. Colours are still vibrant. Very nice !! Not an easy one to find, especially in that condition and for such a small regiment.

The interior is particularly good, also with little wear. Note the full-leather bodied interior - this is specific to mounted troops, whilst infantry regiments (which used the same képi) had only a partial leather interior.

Any comments welcome



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Thank you gents for your nice comments. I am actually very happy with this one. It is such an iconic and rare (not mentioning the condition) piece of French military history.