Generals come out to play


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Very nice James, I have not seen them all together like that before! Not many collectors can pictures like that.


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Tony without Kaiser said:
Some General's shoulder boards would look brilliant displayed with those.

Thanks guys for all the nice comments!

Tony- I agree, however, I really do not know much at all about shoulder boards :-?



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Great pieces (beyond my pay grade) - quick question or two, recently I came across a set of uniforms for a Lieutenant General, the boards were Hessian and had the monogram for JR115. What Wappen would this individual wear on his helmet ? Also would it be possible to identify him?Gen brd.jpg


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Hello aicusv ;
I collect shoulder straps .You are correct , the " L " cypher would be for the early Hessian LGIR 115 .However , in my opinion
they would not be worn on a General's uniform . A general who would be al suite to I R 1115 would wear the uniform the same as
any officer within the regiment , the difference would be shown by rank of the shoulder strap or epaulette .The strap shown in the photo is for the rank of Lt. Colonel ; not a general .
Steve McFarland


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Thank you, I stay away from officers ( the higher the rank the farther away, hold over from my time in the service) items. The uniforms does have general tabs on the collar. So I can assume that someone has played with this uniform. I do get confused about German generals. During the days of Alt Fritz, generals usually wore the uniform of the regiment they came out of, wasn't sure how long that practice continued.


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You have some truly outstanding items in your collection. Thank you for posting some pictures of it. They more than likely just the tip of the Iceberg.
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