German medical collection


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Hi all

It's been a while that I haven't posted on the forum and I am pleased to present my German medical collection.

In recent years, I patiently made up a small collection of medical and sanitary objects we find in the German daily

I am always looking for medical objects and do not hesitate to contact me if you have medical parts... =D>

Hoping that my little collection you like



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Once I found absolutely full bottle with Odol in ground after 100 years. It is still in my collection, but without label. Nice grouping. =D>


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Jupiter66 said:
Hi all

Thanks for your comments that make me happy... \:D/

I confirm for Odol and were in the German waste.

Your Odol bottle with its label is the first one I have seen with a label, the empty bare ones can be found on ebay every day.


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Thank you for your comments that make me happy.

Soon, I'm going to get two pieces of sanitäter

Kind regards


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that is somthing you dont find every day

For me it is the first time to see that kinda stuf