Grandpa's Franco-Prussian Medals

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I need some help from you experts. I have a number of ancestors that served in the Imperial German Army. Foremost is my Great-Great-Grandfather from Sachsen. Family story is he was a hero during the Franco-Prussian War. Indeed, I have photos of him wearing at least two medals (awards) on his watchfob. One appears to be an EK and another seems to be a cross with sunburst. I've enlarged the photos but still too indistinct to make a positive ID.

I've recently run across Sachsen directories in which he is working in a tax office in Dresden. Almost sure it is him. Behind his name in the 1875 directory is the title "s. H. M." and another, a few years later, has the title "s. V. M." I am pretty sure I've also run across his name on a list of those awarded the EK2 while serving with the 12th Regiment of Artillery, XII (1st Royal Saxon) Corps (Gravelotte, Sedan, Siege of Paris).

Can anyone tell me what the letters "s. H. M." and "s. V. M." stand for? They are obviously military titles. I also have a question about a Imperial award of my Great-Grandfather, but that can wait until another time.


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They are obviously military titles.

Not so sure. I think that the s. stands for Saxony. And I think the other two are titles for a Beamte. Not sure exactly. Perhaps Glenn knows.