H R 7


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I am a little burned out right now .
I just spent quite a little time to post 5
photos of my mostly former H R 7 collection
with description of each item .
As I had finished and ready to submit
my computer froze and I could not submit
I had to restart and lost everything
so for the most part , I will just post the photos
if anyone has any questions , just post them .
Three that I had in the collection .
I still have the enlisted private purchase

Plush officer

Reserve officer out of Canada years ago.

H R 7 officers display , everything in the case out of Canada .

Brian you know that story .
Dienst Attila named to the officer


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A couple of more items .
Here is another H R 7 Reserve officer
that I had owned .This was from
the former Jacques Pries collection .
It is now in the Brian Sanders Husaren collection .

H R 7 officers shoulder straps still in my collection .
Major ; Lt. Col. war time ; General
Be on the lookout for Mike Kelso's book due out on Imperial German shoulder straps



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Great pictures Steve, this has been a real education for me on this type of headress!


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Jonas :
I did hate to see them go also
But over the years we change directions
Other collectors were making offers
It was quite active in the 1980's
I bought a large part of a super high quality
Infantry officers helmet collection .
About 30 officers at one time
A lot of money , so I sold uniforms to buy helmets
then My interest went to the 12 Prussian Grenadier Regiments
Also later I became interested in Imperial German Regimental flags
and their parts .
I sold to raise money for new additions to the collection .
I wish that I could keep it all
but not enough display room and not enough money .