I have been here a decent while (3-4 months) but never got to properly introduce myself.

My name is Jackson, and I am a 14 year old collector from the United States. I love German History and am a descendent of a Prussian officer (I unfortunately have none of his collection it is with my extended family) and a private in the Korean War (I have a bunch of medals from him, Purple Heart, etc). I have just started collecting and have built up a pretty decent collection of around 10 items (not counting my grandfathers medals) and have been looking for any sort of EK1 recently.

Unfortunately, being young, I am not very good at spotting fakes. I have recently bought books about imperial German militaria (feldzug series specifically). I enjoy collecting just about anything. I know that I am a bit young compared to everyone but I love learning from you people. Thank you for giving me a source that I can learn from about German militaria.

Thank you.


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Welcome jackson

here you will learn al that you want to learn, you have come to the right place
Guess you will be the youngest one here



Hi Jackson,


Good to see a younger person collecting, and also being smart enough to seek advice from people on forums like this one. Hope you get your EK1 from one of the reputable sources that have been recommended. I started collecting at about your age, and vividly remember buying a WW1 second class EK for peanuts in a junk shop in Manchester, England. Mind you, it was 55 years ago!

Happy collecting.



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Welcome to the Forum. 14 years old and interested in history, you got my full respect :bravo:
Thank you! I actually do own a 1914 EK2 as well! It was one of the first things I ever bought! Also, I just bought a 57er Ek1! I got it off a moderator on WAF. The quality looks really good.



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Great to have you with us Jackson! Keep posting and asking questions. :thumb up:


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Welcome here Jackson!

I started collecting also at around your age, so understand where your coming from.
Good to see younger guy's here taking collecting up and having an interest in history!
You've come to the right place here, enjoy the forum and knowledge here.

Greetings from the Netherlands, Coert. :thumb up: