Help Identifying Überrock


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Hi everyone,

I recently acquired an a beautiful uberrock in fine condition, but I am unable to identify the branch to which it's former owner belonged. The seller thought it may have belonged to a Dragoon offizier, but from my knowledge on branch/arms color (primarily thanks to Kaiser's Bunker), the color combo seems like a medical officer.
Either way, it is a stunning piece of Imperial history, and I am proud to have it in my collection.

Any information is greatly appreciated!




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Welcome to the forum Haka ! Unfortunately, I have a very limited knowledge of Imperial uniforms but we have many experts here and they will help you out with information on this piece.


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Thanks b.loree!

For those of you who may want more detail;

There is unfortunately no tailor label or regimental markings in the lining. There are threads left where the epaulette buttons would have been sewn, as well as hand sewn repairs (which are coming loose) where they would have attached into the shoulders. The front closure buttons were evidently moved from their original position to allow for more slack at some point, and the original attaching points are still visible. The fabric of the coat is a very dark blue and definitively doeskin by the knap and drape, bordering on an indigo color, especially in the light. The facings are bright red, as is the waffenfarbe around the collar, cuffs, and pleats. The collar is royal blue with a black silk insert sewn in. The lining in the body and skirt is black and appears to be silk, while the sleeves appear to be white linen. There is a watch pocket on the left side slightly lower than the left breast pocket. There is also a pocket present on either side of the skirt, accessible via the rear vent. There is an excessive amount of padding in the chest, roughly 1.5-2cm worth, while the shoulders are padded more like other uberrocks I have handled.

Here is a photo of the rear:

I appreciate any input!




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Hello Haka and Welcome!

First off, let me say that is a fantastic uberrock in excellent condition! Congratulations.

Now for the tough part. The identification based on the collar and button color alone will be very difficult since there are quite a number of regiments/branches that shared the same colors on the uberrock. Without the shoulder boards in place, it is nearly impossible to pin down to which exact regiment it would have belonged to.

I can offer my opinion, in that it is a pre-1896 uberrock based on the buttons, color and padding. The buttons (from what I see) are sewn in a trapezoid fashion spreading away from each other as they went up to the shoulders, was changed by regulations in 1896, to that they be in parallel rows closer to the center of the garment. The color is a much darker blue than later post 1900 garments as the fashion color taste seems to have changed. Finally, regarding the heavy padding you have mentioned, I have found only to be featured in earlier uberrocks. It seems that fashion also dictated that the padding in the chest was passé and the unpadded uberrock became the standard.