Help needed to ID Adrian Helmet


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I need help Identifying an Adrian Helmet.

Missing the front emblem. Painted a "mustard brown" color.

My question: Is helmet French or Belgium?

3-of the leather "tongues" have been torn from the sweatband but are present. The other 3-tongues are intact.

Chinstrap has torn on one end as seen in photos.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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It may have been refurbished for use in the Spanish Civil War. I've certainly seen some French M15 "Adrian" helmets that were repainted mustard brown for use by the Republican forces.


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I believe that late in the war (WWI) the French switched to a brown color. Also some of the colonial troops wore brown.


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Thanks for your replies gentlemen!

It's my understanding that this helmet was part of a small group of WW1 deacessioned items from a museum that were put up for sale, as I bought 2-pickelhaubes as well from the same source recently.

I notice the "1918" written on the sweatband with what looks to be old fountain pen ink, and something scratched out above the "1918" date as seen in my pics.

My guess is that it is French later war, or possibly French Colonial Troops as mentioned above.

I simply wondered if there was any chance that it could be Belgium.

I didn't know about refurbished helmets used in the Spanish Civil War, as Peter mentions. An excellent thought, but being where it came from and what else was with it, I doubt it came back from Spain to this museum. One never knows, however.

Thanks again guys!

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