Help required on a metal band added to a felt haube ?

tony v

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Hello, firstly apologies but I have no pictures to show of this.
I was a fair this weekend and saw a felt pickelhaube that looked 100% but when picked up was unusually heavy for a felt hat. It had a thin steel/aluminium band round the inside, fixed at the time of manufacture by what I could see, that ran underneath the liner and all round the circumference of the helmet. The chin strap posts were fixed directly through the metal band.

Has any one come across this variant before ?

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Well Tony, I did have one with a steel reinforcing band just like the one you saw.
Here is the topic where it was discussed. It was the first one I came across, never saw others before, but they do seem to exist though.
The pictures of the steel band are in the second page of that topic.

Regards, Coert.
I once came across a felt with a metal band that is not attached to the liner and it is placed round the circumference to hold it in shape.
Hi Tony,

I found an M95 Baden enlisted helmet this past year that has a removable round rod that is inside the helmet shell, located behind the liner. It is shaped to conform with the curvature of the helmet shell. My guess with this helmet is that some previous owner placed it inside the helmet body to keep the helmet in proper shape, which it does nicely.

I did not realize this metal rod was inside the helmet, until I acquired it and noticed the helmet felt heaver in weight than I thought it should be. I looked behind the liner and was surprised to discover it inside the helmet. I could remove it, but I have simply left it inside since it helps keep the helmet in proper shape.

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