Help to identify Medal


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Hello all,
I just got an old picture of an ancestor of me (A great find for me, because I didn’t know that we got pictures like that :) ).
His name is Friedrich Wilhelm Heinemann and he lived from May 5th, 1826 to 1903. On the Picture he is wearing two Badges. The first seems to be the Membership-Badge of the „Oldenburger Veteranenverein“. I’m pretty sure because he was born in Bad Zwischenahn and lived near Oldenburg.
But I need help with the 2nd one... I checked all ribbons but I found no one with a white or bright stripe in the middle. Dos anybody have an idea which Medal it could be?


Thank you very much for any help.


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I can't see enough of the medal to be of much help.
This website may help:" onclick=";return false;

John :)


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Given his age I would think that if it is for military service, it would have been during the 1848 problems. This may help in identifying it. By 1864 he would have been 38.


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Thank you for your comments :)
The picture is unfortunately not better in original, so the Medal itself canˋt be identified by details.
My hope was that it could be identified by the striped Ribbon and the time period.
Due to the fact that he was over 40 Years old in 1870, could it be a Medal of honor for non-combatants of the Union-War in 1870/71? Some of it have a bright orange or gold stripe in the middle. But I don‘t know how the stripes would look on these old pictures. Because of a red/green weakness my skill to identyfy similar colors is unfortunately very bad 8-[ :D
On my Picture all bright stripes seems to have the same color, but I hoped that the color would look similar in black and white :-k
Ìm grateful for every tipp :thumb up: